How do you increase demand for a 6,000 year old product?

Olive Oil is a misunderstood ingredient in the United States. It has many grades and varieties, a higher comparative price and a complex flavor that requires education. The Preston/Tully Group worked with the International Olive Oil Council to turn these negatives around.


To help position olive oil, the Preston/Tully Group created the theme, “The world’s most civilized oil.” Drawing on its 6,000 year old history of cultivation, its refined processing and its many grades and varieties – much like wine – the Preston/Tully Group married the heritage of olive oil with the cultural sophistication of healthy cuisine.

Working with its public relations firm, the Preston/Tully Group created a total marketing program directed at the consumer and foodservice segments to increase demand for olive oil. Recipe cards, advertising, educational videos and brochures helped make olive oil the civilized choice after 6,000 years.

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