How do you make a seedless orange bear more fruit?

Spain wanted to increase sales of clementines to the United States. But the promotional budget for this compact citrus fruit was small, clementines were little known in America, and their selling season – from November to February – was short. Where others saw limits, the Preston/Tully Group saw huge opportunities.



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The Preston/Tully Group overcame consumers’ unfamiliarity with Clementines by touting their sweeter taste and easy-to-peel “Snackability” for kids. The theme “A little box of sunshine” was key to a marketing campaign that promoted the product’s special attributes and positioned Spain as the source for the best Clementines.

By utilizing a combination of media including local cable TV and spot radio to reach an ideal family-oriented customer base, the Preston/Tully Group increased brand awareness, trial and purchase of Clementines from Spain during their peak selling season.

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