How do you break into a convenience store?

Sunshine Biscuits wanted to get its cookies and crackers on the shelves of convenience stores. But Sunshine’s efforts were clouded by firmly established competition. Not only was Sunshine outspent by other brands, but there was little room on the shelf for another.


By differentiating Sunshine through distinctive packaging, the Preston/Tully Group was able to create an entire campaign that not only sold Sunshine products to consumers, but more importantly, sold convenience store managers on Sunshine.

The Preston/Tully Group developed a marketing program geared towards the needs of retailers. Self-stacking displays were designed to maximize shelf space and profits. They also gave retailers the opportunity to “test” the product without a big investment. We also created a multi-page advertising insert in leading trade publications that did double-duty as a sales piece. Rounding out the program was a sales kit and profit planner especially for convenience store managers. Within 2 years, Sunshine became one of the leading lines on the shelf.

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