How do you help farmers clean up with chicken litter?

DSM, a worldwide leader in animal nutrition, sought to introduce its new breakthrough poultry litter amendment, which promotes bird health, performance, and productivity. The Preston/Tully Group knew exactly how to give this litter product the sweet smell of success.


The Preston/Tully Group positioned DSM’s new LitterGuard™ natural, organic poultry litter amendment as an environmentally-friendly alternative that boosts profitability by improving bird health and productivity and lowering energy costs and litter cleanout and replacement.

A new logo and tag line for LitterGuard™ and integrated marketing communications highlighted the ability of DSM’s new litter amendment product to enhance poultry health and performance and help preserve the integrity of groundwater and soil. This innovative marketing campaign enabled DSM to assume a powerful market position in a highly competitive animal health segment.

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