How do you make a menopause relief product hotter?

I-cool™ is a non-soy genistein product that reduces hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. The Preston/Tully Group’s out-of-the-box thinking promoted this cool ingredient in ways that made it a hot consumer brand.


The Preston/Tully Group helped i-Health Inc. to successfully take their ingredient product direct to the consumer market by creating i-cool™, a new consumer brand with proven menopausal relief benefits.

The Preston/Tully Group developed eye-catching consumer packaging and an integrated marketing campaign that visually suggested the menopausal relief advantages of i-cool™, creating a powerful brand identity. What’s more, the brand positioning would easily pave the way for future line extensions which leveraged the power of the brand. The result was that i-cool™ became the #1 seller in its market segment within a year.

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