How do you turn a superdisintegrant into a superior disintegrant?

FMC, the world’s leading excipient manufacturer, wanted to increase sales of its superdisintegrant in a crowded market. The Preston/Tully Group devised a superior marketing strategy that highlighted the unique value-added benefits of this special pharmaceutical ingredient.


The Preston/Tully Group positioned Ac-Di-Sol® as today’s “superior” superdisintegrant, showing how its unmatched purity, stability, and consistency delivered optimum dissolution performance at lower-use levels.

Through the creation of a new logo and tag line (“Ac-Di-Sol® The superior disintegrant”), The Preston/Tully Group developed a compelling new brand identity for Ac-Di-Sol® that clearly differentiated it from the competition. An integrated marketing campaign spotlighted the many unique advantages of this superior pharmaceutical ingredient and helped lead to double-digit sales growth.

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