How do you sell peace of mind?

Many pharmaceuticals can interact with alcohol, thereby altering the effects of the medication. These interactions can result in adverse health effects or even death. Aquacoat® is an alcohol resistant coating that offers drug manufacturers an easy-to-use way to make their products safer.  The Preston/Tully Group worked with FMC to promote Aquacoat® as the best way to ensure secure drug delivery.


To successfully differentiate and launch Aquacoat® into the pharmaceutical market, The Preston/Tully Group created the umbrella theme “The sure sign of safer drug delivery”. The theme and accompanying armor shield visual communicated the superior coating and safety protection that Aquacoat® delivered.

An integrated marketing campaign consisting of digital and print advertising, e-blasts, public relations and sales literature further enhanced the communications effort to make pharmaceutical manufacturers safe and secure in their decision to choose Aquacoat®.

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